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Force convection oven

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forced convection oven Labtro-force-convection-oven

Force convection oven


Labtronixed Inc. Force convection oven are widely used in

  • Forced convection oven are suitable for various applications in the fields of agricultural and industrial researches for heating, drying, sterilizing and baking laboratories instruments, hospitals instruments, medical instruments and industries.
  • PID temperature control provides automatic compensation after load changes, setting changes or door opening for excellent accuracy
  • Natural convection heat distribution combines with adjustable air vents to provide excellent uniformity. Forced convection provides excellent uniformity by a quiet-running fan.
  • Double wall / Triple walled construction, fiberglass insulation provided on 6 sides as well as between inner and outer walls, and silicon rubber door sealing reduce heat loss and power drain.
  • Stainless steel interior chamber and shelves and shelves are corrosion resistant, durable and easy to clean.
  • Power coating exterior is beautiful, durable, and corrosion resistant.


Best Temperature Uniformity

Labtro design of air circulation from heating chamber in side wall by horizontal air flow achieve superior temperature uniformity. Labtro heater surrounds blower to achieve fast and homogeneous heat dissipation throughout the chamber.


Caster Wheel

Labtro Force convenction oven has castor wheel commonly achieved using a lever that presses a brake cam against the wheel. However a swivel caster is still able to move around slightly, in a small circle rotating around offset distance between the vertical shaft and the center of the locked wheel. Rotational lock on the vertical shaft so that either the shaft can rotate or the wheel can turn, providing very rigid support. It is possible to use these two locks together or separately. The unit is mounted on castor wheel for easy mobility is our standard Design.


Air Circulating Fan

LABTRO Test Tube Oven has Ventilated air circulation with internal fans accuracy 10Cto assist Circulation of air. BLOWER Fan Installed to achieve uniform temperature in the Chamber at the Back wall for uniform distribution of the Hot Air to maintain the temperature evenly.


Safety System

Durable non-contact type switch and relay cut-off motor and heater and high / low temperature to protect hot air rush to outside when door open. Dual Alarms System and safety and electrical leakage breaker.


Controller System

Labtro Force convenction oven has Microprocessor Based controller Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-Controller. LED Display, Delayed function Controls the temperature from Ambient to 300°C + 1°C.



Labtro force convenction door has a provision to lock with a key for hassle free working.


Temperature Control

Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Controller: Digital Controller cum indicator, air circulating fan & timer suitable to operate on 220 V single phase.

Door Gasket

Synthetic door gasket made of neoprene rubber is fitted to all Labtro units instead of asbestos.



  • Labtro Forced convection oven controller provides automatic operation of variable temperature.
  • Technical Design and Construction Silent fan motor to maintain uniform temperature.
  • Safety and Convenience over temperature and current protection capability ensure user safety, adjustable sliding rack, Door
  • Timer & Alarm
  • Proper insulation
  • Versatile usage
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Energy Efficient
  • Long life / Low Maintenance
  • Calibration And Protocol Documentation
  • Simple keypad input allows easy temperature setting.
  • LED digital display enables to users to monitor the chamber temperature at any given moment.
  • Visual alarm indicator alerts users of abnormal conditions if the chamber temperature exceeds the setting points by 10℃.
  • Ovens feature a see-through window to view contents without opening.
  • Shelves can be adjustable.
  • The temperature stability is ±0.5℃ at 100℃; ±1.0℃ at 300℃.
  • Forced convection design ensures a high level of control
  • Automatic cut off of heater and blower when door opened.
  • Digital PID temperature controller with timer alarms and auto tuning.
  • Door switch.
  • Over temperature safety protection and MCB.
  • Solid and plain bottom Without electrical.
  • Seamless round cornered edge of internal chamber ensures easy cleaning & prevents any leakage.
  • Supplied with stainless steel wire mesh shelves. Shelf height
  • Mineral wool insulation.
  • Silicon gasket in door.
  • Timer: 999 min per day
  • Internal material: S.S 304 Polished
  • External Material: M.S. Sheet, Powder Coated ./ External material Stainless Steel with GMP Model.


Convection LFC series are natural convection/ LFC series are forced convection
Working temperature Ambient + 5~300 degree ℃
Capacity (Liters) 30 50 80 150 300
Chamber dimension(mm)(WxDxH) 325x310x315 380x365x390 420x450x463 625x510x500 625x510x1000
Power watts 700W 1000W 1250W 1400W 2500W
Overall dimension(mm)(WxDxH) 425x420x610 480x475x695 X522x560x770 725x620x795 725x620x1465
Accessory 2 shelves
Optional accessory Test tube rack
Power supply: AC 110V 60Hz (220V 50/60Hz available)


THE INNER CHAMBER:- Labtronixed Inc. Congress. Forced convection oven appliance is created of Seamless corrosion resistant chrome steel 304. to provide comfort in simple cleanup and longer life with operator comfort.

OUTER BODY of our Labtro Forced convection oven appliance created out of steel sheet punctually rust proofing and painted with long lasting stove enamel or elegantly powder coated.


Forced convection oven The unit is provided with Double walled door provided with magnetic door closer.

Internal chamber: Stain less steel (1mm thick) with CNC press punched back panel for internal efficient circulation

OUTER wall of the DOOR is provided with magnetic door closer.


CORROSION FREE RIGID CONSTRUCTION:- The inner chamber of Labtro Forced convection oven is made of Seamless corrosion resistant stainless steel 304. To give comfort in Easy cleaning and longer life with operator comfort.


AUTOMATIC KEY LOCK FEATURE WITH REMOTE MONITORING, ALARM AND CONTROLS:- Labtro Offers silicon chip based mostly Programmable system of guarantee effectiveness of operations & safe guard of programmers. software engineer Lock with code feature, Remote observation through off line controls through net Protocols. Alarms for temperature time, door open, Program finish.


HEATING:- High electrical power & low electrical power heater is Our customary style feature.

The system has electrical power heater at the beginning in response to any settable temperature additional quickly on beginning the machine. Fraction heater statrs on nearing the set temperature to take care of and bring home the bacon the set price.



CABINET:- Labtro Forced convection oven cabinet (chamber) is provided with a quick locking facility and heat resistant.



STEEL SHELVES:- Labtro Forced convection oven appliance is equipped 03 no’s adjustable perforated shelves fancied from 304 grade SS sheets.



The gap between the walls is crammed top-grade filter, that ensures most thermal potency in our Forced convection appliance. Double wall with special grade wool insulation.


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